Ref: biogrep.2

There is a lot wrong wrong here. I had loosely had a diagnosis of "schizophrenia" since 1966. I had not stopped taking "my tablets". I wish I had. Feeling unbelievably ill all day long due to them was one reason that I left my job and stayed in bed in the mornings. The car that I damaged belonged to the GP who was involved in having me "hospitalized" in 1966. Paranoid thinking means I didn't like being locked up by psychiatrists. Improvement on an intramuscular injection means they turned me into an apathetic vegetable. Notice the use of Modecate and Largactil at the same time, both "antipsychotics". This is now supposed to be outlawed. Disapel and Artane are anti-Parkinsonian drugs that stopped my legs and arms doing funny things as a result of the "antipsychotics".