Ref: abreaction1
  Now we' re really in business. Methedrine was a commercial version of methamphetamine produced by Burroughs-Wellcome in the sixties and seventies. It's now known illegally as crystal methamphetamine, tina, crystal meths, krank, tweak, ice, etc. etc. The sodium amytal was just a relaxant. I was laid down and injected with methedrine and my tear ducts opened and I started to blab. It was a bright sunny day and I was in ecstacy. The psychiatrist was one Michael a' Brooke who sat asking me questions and scribbling his notes down.
   Look at what gold he uncovered however. The spiritual nature of dirt no less! And what does this psychiatrist do with it? He then contradicts this brilliant insight of mine by stating I was "totally insightless regarding obsessional fears". He repeats this claim in abreaction2. None of this was ever discussed with me and all these notes were left in a file at Springfield Hospital for the next thirty years.
The "aforementioned shop" and "resentment towards father (? for change in family circumstances)" are connected and important and I shall come back to these issues in abreaction2.

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