Gallery 2

Ref: 002.17

Circa: 1993
Dim: (914x610)
  I sold this to a chap in Edinburgh. It's my greenhouse in Warwickshire. The place used to get terribly overgrown as seen here. The bloke involved was an old university friend. He subsequently phoned me up from a psychiatric ward and told me he was planning to climb Mount Everest in a kilt. This is the funny bit the world hears. What it is really about is the unfunny bit that you don't hear that gets off his back. I know how it works.
   I listened to him patiently. He subsequently called me up and told me that chlorpromazine "did the trick" and he was out of the bin. I told him never to phone me again. Chlorpromazine is just a heavy tranquilizer frequently used by vets. It's not a cure of anything.
   These psychiatric junkies are the worst sort. Like all junkies they lack the courage to face their demons. In his case the concept of mental illness and being "treated" with a drug forces the authorities to drop whatever legal matter it was he was trying to duck and even perhaps helps him fool himself. If psychiatrists were any use they would have made him climb Mount Everest in a kilt